Cheetah in Serengeti
Cheetah in Serengeti

Our Approach

We believe that a vacation should be an adventure that takes you away from your day-to-day challenges and opens up a new world of discovery and learning.  Our trips are designed to be flexible so that we can explore at your pace.  There is no better way to rejuvenate than by spending time immersed in our natural environment.

Our Story

From a young boy, Mark has always had a fascination with nature and photography. With over 15 years experience as a professional photographer and guide, he has lead trips in Alaska, throughout Africa, Europe and South/Central America.  He now focuses on his favourite locations in Africa and Central America.

Meet the Team

Over the years we have been able to develop business partnerships with organizations that are experts in their field.  When you travel with Garbutt Photography, you have an extended family of experts working to bring you the best.

Mark Garbutt

Mark is an award-winning, Canadian wildlife photographer. Having travelled the world photographing wildlife in their natural habitat, Mark's work has been published and exhibited in the award-winning "Focus on Africa" travel book, articles in the Houston Chronicle and other North American publications.

All Mark's work is centred around Conservation. Documenting and participating in various conversation & eco-tourism projects in North & Central America, as well as East & South Africa.

Piper & Heath Travel

Chris Leibenberg and his team at Piper & Heath Travel handle all the logistics for Garbutt Photo's African adventures.  Piper & Heath shares our commitment to ensuring that we have only constructive and positive impact on the local communities and wilderness environments that we visit.

Piper and Heath actively support "Children in Wilderness" and the "Wilderness Wildlife Trust".


Donna Garbutt

With extensive experience in sales, marketing & general business management, Donna assists Mark with promotion, tour development and coordination.

Donna adds her extensive travel knowledge and organizational skills, to ensure every trip is flawless.

“It is clear to me that conservation and preservation in Africa rely on financial viability. It is my aim to have tourism bring profitability to areas in need of protecting, thereby assuring their continued conservation status.”

Chris Leibenberg of Piper & Heath Travel