There is no typical Garbutt Photo Tour.

Each Tour is designed around the client, making each experience a unique and personal journey. We are conservation-focused, with a commitment to work with the local tourist industry everywhere we go, we create amazing, sustainable experiences. 

Mark Garbutt - award-winning photographer

invites you to join him for an informative and rewarding journey to some of the most unique and amazing environments on earth.  Want to get better vacation photos or really amp up your skills?  Designed to go at your own pace and intensity, Mark will tailor the trip to your needs.

In business since 1999, what started as a childhood passion has now developed into a full-time profession.  Mark has over 16 years experience leading tours to Africa, South & Central America and the Arctic.  His interest in culture, wildlife & ornithology (birding) provide a diverse perspective on all his trips.


Mark Garbutt



Considered one of the natural wonders of the world, Tanzania and the Serengeti offers an opportunity to see wildlife in their natural environment.  If the time of year is right, the great migration is unforgettable.

Visit Rwanda


Spending time with the incredible Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda will be an experience that you will never forget.  This is the perfect extension to your African Safari.


Lovely Cotinga

In the heart of the rainforest, the opportunity for photographers is endless.  Capture a hummingbird in flight, take a boat trip among the mangroves, go for a hike, or sit back and relax.  Come explore this amazing country.

Join us for an experience like no other.

Garbutt Photo Tours