Mark Garbutt

2016 - Selected by Canadian Mint for artwork associated with the 2016 $20.00 silver coin

2010 - Natures Best - Windland Smith Rice Award (Highly Honored Photographer)

2007 - BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year semi-finalist

Publications: Contributing photographer in the award-winning "Focus on Africa" travel book, articles in the Houston Chronicle and other Texas publications.

Mark Garbutt
Canadian Mint $20 coin

Mark's photography is featured on the Canadian Mint 2016 $20.00 coin.  Other accolades include; BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year (hm), Nature's BestUS (hm), Smithsonian wildlife display, and various publications in Texas and Canada.

African Wildlife

From the vast plains to the mountainous jungles, I have been able to capture the majesty of Elephants, Gorillas, Wildebeests and a host of other amazing fauna.  This is a collection of select shots of the animals and birds of  Tanzania, Nairobi, Kenya and Rwanda.

American Wildlife

A selected collection of wildlife from the Grizzlies of Alaska to the Costa Rican Jungle fauna. I have been able to capture images of the stunning biodiversity of North, Central and South America in their natural habitats - be it jungle, dessert, swamp, or tundra.

Architecture & Landscapes

A sample of some of my commercial imagery from around the world including interesting architecture, scenes from regional markets, and other elements in our natural world that capture emotion.